Sabbat E12 Ultra Wireless Earphones GAMESKY Review

Today is finally the day we’re going to check Sabbat e 12 ultra you guys have been requesting it like crazy and in the past, the Sabbat e 12 has been one of favorite truly wireless earbuds so they’ve decided to improve it by making this ultra version so in this video we’re going to look at it as a whole new review but also kind of touch on some of the improvements they’ve made and if it’s still worth the 80 euro.

So to start with its available in a bunch of different colors. Let’s start with the features now this one still uses Bluetooth 5.0 but this year they’re using a Qualcomm 3020 chip so this is going to solve a lot of the connection issues that some of you guys have had this is a much more stable a connection which will cut down on dropouts and stuff like that now the big the improvement this year is they now support app Dex and AAC high res audio playback that is a huge plus on an already great-sounding truly wireless earbud these are IP x5 sweat proof so they’re still not waterproof but anybody that works outruns or gets water splashed on them these are one of those you still really don’t have to worry about.

Just like the previous version this one comes with seven sets of ear tips and I can’t stress enough how important it is that you find the right one because for some reason in the Sabbat your tips each one of those does alter the sound quite a bit there’s some that can make it sound really vase heavy and then some of them that can make it sound clean, so it’s important that you find the one that fits the style you like alright guys, and it does come with USB see which that is welcome at any time I don’t even care what brand it is if it’s USB see you already get brownie points from me and speaking of the charging cable battery life on these it claims to get somewhere between six to eight hours individually on the earbuds go ahead and factor in its going to be six hours but with the case, you get around thirty hours, and the case is also qi wireless charging capable so it is a case that you can come input on a wireless charger and we’ll start charging

They’re still using the physical button and not touch controls but for me, it responds pretty well it’s not one of those that you know you feel like you’re jamming them into your ears and as far as controls go you can control everything have volume control track control answering calls play pause even summons in your smart assistant so everything is right there on the earbud you don’t need an app you don’t need to break out your phone you can just control it all right there now another thing that they improved in this one is now you can use either the left or the right individually as to where before you could only use one now you can use either one or use them obviously both at the same time now.

I know that that is something that is really important to a lot of you out there and one of the other things they improved upon is the microphones now they use the CVC 8.0 which kind of X’s like a noise-canceling microphone so if you’re in a busy environment it will cut down on your surroundings but you guys can be a judge by listening to the tests here alright guys so here is a mic test of the Sabbat e12 ultra you can tell it is clean I still feel like the bass tones are kind of buried a little a bit but you can hear me clear them all right and so here’s the microphone with a noisy environment playing in the speakers in the background that way you kind of get an idea of what it sounds like if you took a call in a restaurant or a bar or even while you’re sitting around at work.

So now let’s get into the sound the original Sabbat e 12 had just some of the best bass I’ve heard like it was completely just powerful and it toms overwhelming but it was fun, and it is one of those that’s completely weird at first because you’re not used to having that kind of bass impact with a truly wireless earbud and now on the ultra model what they decided to do was the focus a lot on the mids and the treble now they even claimed to pull back on the bass um but these things are still bass monsters but the mids and the treble are now more balanced with the bass, it is just one of the most energetic amped out sounds that you could get deine.

I think that’s their intention I don’t think anybody is ever going to look at Sabbat e 12 as like reference style earbuds it’s just not going to happen these things are always going to be dynamic they’re always going to be powerful and judging even by the sound this year again.

I found an ear tip that had the right seal it emphasized the bass just enough and still had perfect clarity the treble this time is very clean and you can tell that they’re doing a lot to focus on the mids because vocals are coming through a lot better than they did on the original Sabbat e 12 which I didn’t have an issue with but if you compare them side-by-side you can hear what they’re focusing on now even sound imaging they even did something where the bass has an area sound to it if that makes any sense it sounds like the bass is a little more at a distance it still has that presence and still has that the same effect but it just has a better listening experience because of the openness of the sound makes it just feel not congested it makes it feel like you’re not in front of just a real loudspeaker.

So the overall thing to learn here is they took a product that was already very very good and they listened to consumers they listened to issues they decided to tweak some things they even decided to add some things but they didn’t charge any more money so you now can buy the ultra version and pay the same as you would for the normal the version I already thought it was a great truly Wireless earbud but now adding what they’ve added this time and still keeping the price the same definitely makes one of those that I highly recommend.